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News and Noteworthy: December 2020

Get to Know a Student:

Faimida Mohammed

Faimida Mohammed is one of our hardest working students here in the volunteer tutoring program. Her tutor, Michael Rowder, has been reporting on the consistent progress Faimida has been making since I stepped into the role of Volunteer Coordinator 2 months ago. It has been an absolute joy to read about the strides she has been taking. Answers to the following interview questions were prepared by Faimida and Michael in advance. If you read on, you will be struck by just how much work Faimida put into her answers. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you Faimida for the awesome job you’ve done on these. Read on, you won’t be disappointed!

Q: Where are you from originally? What brought you to Chicago?

A: I’m originally from India. When I came to the USA, I arrived in New York and I lived there for about 2 months, but I could not afford the cost of living there. So, I decided to move to Chicago. When I came to Chicago, I felt relaxed because everything is cheaper than in New York. My Chicago neighborhood is great. I love Chicago!

Q: What was the greatest challenge you faced when you first started learning English? How did you overcome it?

A: When I started learning English I had many challenges: I needed to adjust my job hours, take care of paying bills, buying groceries, and attending classes at Centro Romero. Sometimes financial problems arose. I could not afford to take public transportation. Then I had to walk to Centro Romero.

Q: What do you do when you feel like giving up? How do you keep yourself going?

A: When I think about giving up, I remember my father's words: don’t lose your hope, you are a strong woman, nobody can stop you if you don’t stop yourself. Education is very important to help you succeed in life. I set some goals for myself: when I want to give up I think about my goals. Also, if I want to accomplish my goals, I need to focus on my English.

Q: What's your favorite thing about working with Michael?

A: I have a few favorite things that I like about working with Michael! She is the nicest person. She helps me to improve my English fluency and discusses a lot of things with me about America that help me to know more about American rules, regulations, and lifestyles. She is awesome! She taught me how to speak politely with others and how to handle different situations. I really want to say thank you to CR for giving me the best tutor 🙏.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration in life? Why?

A: My family and my education have inspired me a lot. I want to talk about my family. I’m from a middle-class family background. My father always put his money away for my education. He didn’t get a chance to go to school because of poverty. That’s why he decided that he wanted his children to go to school to have a better life than him. All my family members encouraged me to do what is best for me and for this society too.

Q: What advice do you have for students just starting to learn a new language?

A: I want to say something to new students:

Don’t give up.

Set goals.

Nobody is perfect.

Don’t feel shy and scared.

We are here for learning.

This is the best chance to utilize.

Centro Romero is providing free English classes for everyone.

Don’t stop yourself, move on, your life will be changed for the better!

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