Meet the Administrative Team


Grant Gigot

Transition Specialist

An essential part of the adult education program, the transition specialist is at the core of the progress we make to empower our students and help them move forward and onward to the next steps in their adult life.

Rocio Lopez.jpg

Rocio Lopez

Student Outreach and Support Specialist

Rocio has dedicated her entire life to social services and has been with Centro Romero for more than 20 years. Rocio is more than a student specialist and social worker, she builds personal and special bonds with our students.


Maria Tello

Program Coordinator

Maria is vital to the functions of the adult education program. Providing fresh and innovative ideas to the program and working successfully with outside forces to promote the adult education program throughout the Chicago area.

Medardo Loza.jpg

Medardo Loza

Spanish GED Coordinator and Data Specialist

Medardo is the pioneer of the Spanish language courses offered at Centro Romero. He works along both teachers and staff to provide the best classes to his students. Beyond his professional excellence, Medardo dedicates himself to creating a fulfilling experience for his students.


Antoine Lona


Antoine Lona is the newest member of our team. With years of experience as both an educator and program manager, he is sensitive to the needs of our students.

Nayla R. image.png

Nayla Rodriguez

Family Literacy Coordinator

Nayla works closely with our parent students and children to create a program that caters to the needs of the parents during this pandemic. Nayla has worked hard to maintain communication and relationships with our mothers/fathers of the Family Literacy Program.


Jackson Smith

Volunteer Coordinator

Jackson is a dependable member of our adult education program. Jackson puts tremendous amounts of time into the volunteer program helping volunteers in the process of training and learning more about Centro Romero. He created the first adult education newsletter catered to our volunteers.